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Geotrend is a solution for economic intelligence. It maps out your ecosystem for quick and reliable decision-making.

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Innovative market intelligence

Developping economic intelligence within your company is a strategy. To analyse your markets and their ecosystems, your company must have access to reliable and up-to-date information.

Analysts and decision-makers suffer from information obesity – a plague caused by the expansion of the internet. Finding the right information to make the right call therefore takes time. Too much time.

The Geotrend solution scans the web with simple keywords, summarizes it, and presents the results within minutes. By submitting your search to Geotrend, your analysts can now focus on what they do best – analyze the results. This makes for an effective economic intelligence process.

« Geotrend, your n°1 partner for innovation. You can trust us with your strategic watch »

Accelerates and simplifies
the search for information

  • No Setup Required

Simply enter keywords in the search bar, press « Enter », and Voila ! 

  • Fast Results

Access concrete results within a few minutes. Less than 30 minutes are necessary to reach exhaustive information displayed using intuitive data visualisation.

  • No Need for Prior Knowledge of the Market

Discover new markets you might not have thought about. Let new opportunities present themselves to you !

Weak Signals

  • Identify New Opportunities

Follow your markets’ trends and find the right information. The ultimate solution for automated serendipity.

  • Benefit from a 360º View

Visualise and find hidden segments of your market – it may be somewhere you haven’t looked at… yet

  • React Quickly

Say goodbye to the days when you let yourself be disrupted by the competition – with Geotrend, you’ll be much more reactive to changes in market trends.

Reinforce Collective Intelligence

  • Maximise Your Collaborative Advantages

Searches conducted on the tool are saved in a catalogue. Your collaborators have access to all of them.

  • Collaboration focused

Share the workload between analysts working on the same project. Results can be shared and co-analysed !

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Our expertise

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Geotrend explores the open web in a few minutes from your keywords. The solution uses the same method of information retrieval as an expert analyst.

It searches for information, reads it, understands it, and analyses . The A.I. further filters and investigates certain topics linked to your search. This lets you see more relationships and actors in your result page. Thanks to this feature, Geotrend is proud to present your analysts with refined and reliable data.

Natural Language Processing icon

Natural Language

The automated processing of the text : understanding the text, analysing semantics, extracting information (actors, relationships, dates, etc…)

icone machine learning


Learning through AI models : Detection of weak signals, data value, and continuous improvement.

Cloud Processing icon


Ability to process enormous amounts of data : Real Time search, quick analysis, security and conidentiality of information.


Hervé schindler

"As a consultant, GEOTREND frees me from the painful hours of capturing and cross-checking information so I can devote myself entirely to understanding contextual analysis on solid foundations."

Hervé Schindler
Consultant for Airbus Defense & Space

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