Geotrend celebrates two years of partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment
Feedback on an effective collaboration !

Volvo Construction Equipment, put its trust in Geotrend and into its Market Intelligence platform.

A partnership that makes sense : 

For two years, Volvo CE has trusted Geotrend to intensify and support collective intelligence within its teams. The platform today supports different functions in different countries, allowing the optimization of the overall cycle analysis – from the first searches to the quick restitution

“We have been working with Geotrend for 2 years now and are very satisfied with our collaboration. With Geotrend platform and AI, we can now quickly and efficiently collect some industry intelligence, pre-analyze it and elaborate some recommendations on very various topics. The platform is key for us.”

 Stéphane Machin
Senior BI

A partnership that promotes exchanges :


Volvo’s analysts were quickly seduced by the results representation through mappings, which has helped to identify opportunities. 

From a collaborative point of view, Geotrend platform allows different users to work together on the same map with comments, capture capacities and share cartography, all on the same platform.

Among the most appreciated assets of the Geotrend solution : 

  • Quick access to relevant data.
  • Simple takeover, relevant information, useful and easily understandable.
  • The possibility to share the results of the research within the team.
  • The accompaniment and disponibility of the Geotrend team.

“Construction equipment is a wide ecosystem. The use of market and technology intelligence tools become a must have for large groups such as Volvo Construction Equipment to stay aware of everything going on in their market.”

Thomas Binant
CEO & co-founder GEOTREND

A collaboration in development : 

Volvo CE widespreads its sources of information. Thanks to the wide range of research types that Geotrend is offering, as well as the possibility to detect low noise signals on Twitter, and perform a deep dive in the platform’s patent database, Volvo CE feels that it is important getting a robust tool to complement its company Market Intelligence.  

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