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Technological innovations are transforming all sectors of activity, and industries are facing new, more innovative competitors with business models that are better adapted to the current world.

The situation we are experiencing today is unprecedented, a true revolution driven by three major trends: changing consumer behavior, global warming and technological discoveries. This requires companies to reinvent themselves, both to identify new opportunities and, above all, to detect new threats. This need for agility strongly impacts the way business intelligence is conducted.

Historically, intelligence units worked on a plan defined in advance, with a time scale of one or more years and on a well-defined perimeter, namely the company’s activities. All of this was very closely linked to the strategy. They had the time to organize their monitoring plan, to identify the most relevant sources and to automate the collection of information thanks to monitoring platforms.

Nowadays, intelligence units are faced with an increasing demand for information research, more punctual, often on themes never studied before. These requests come from business departments that have also changed their habits to be more flexible in the face of market transformations.

We are seeing the emergence of the notion of “intelligence as a service“, a more reactive, more agile intelligence, capable of providing relevant information on any subject in record time.

The arrival of artificial intelligence and data visualization technologies favors this type of practice and allows intelligence units to reinvent themselves and offer new services that were previously unthinkable.

Imagine one of your clients asking you for a highly strategic analysis on a topic you know nothing about, and being able to provide them with a summary of the key information needed to make an informed decision in just a few hours.

Intelligence units capable of providing services in a “intelligence as a service” mode will become key in the company, they will be able to respond to new issues with very high added value, and thus put the human being at the heart of the strategy.

  -Thomas Binant, CEO

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