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Geotrend launches its first MooC on March 17th!

In a digital era where data is multiplying exponentially, the search for relevant information is becoming more and more tedious. How can we perform targeted searches and analyze this messy and complex mass of data? 

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You will find some answers in our Massive Open Online Course, realized in partnership with Archimag and Serda Formation, entitled “Veille, Intelligence Artificielle et Datavisualisation” and available from March 17, 2020.

Archimag magazine, published by the Serda group, has become a reference in the economic intelligence sector thanks to its monthly magazine and its practical guides aimed at information professionals. Serda Formation, for its part, supports these numerous professionals through inter or intra-company training courses, coaching or within the framework of dedicated courses, with certification at the end. 

Archimag’s expertise and Serda Formation’s ability to transcribe information in a simple and understandable way will make this MooC indispensable. 

This video training addresses the innovative techniques used in data analysis and representation. A solution based on Artificial Intelligence will be presented with its advantages in a second step. 

This course is open to all profiles and is divided into 3 distinct modules. The first one aims at identifying the new stakes of intelligence and showing how they will impact the business intelligence professions. The second module focuses on the operational use of artificial intelligence and data visualization to perform an effective analysis. Finally, the third module is dedicated to collective intelligence and the benefits of sharing research within your company. 

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Throughout this short training session, you will follow Eagletech*, a leader in the industrial drone market, which wishes to diversify. Find out how the company has been monitoring markets related to its field. You’ll also see how the company identified key players and potential partners to help it enter this new market. Experience in detail the company’s market intelligence process and strategic decision making during these three steps. 

*Eagletech is a fictional company

Each module also features interviews with experts in several fields to bridge the gap between theory and practice. These include:

 Pierre Sabatier, futurist economist and market strategist and founder of Prime View

• Pierre Sinodinos, president and founder of Aneo, a digital strategy consulting agency

Françoise Soulié, scientific advisor at Hub France IA

Jérôme Bondu, specialist in monitoring, economic intelligence and e-reputation and director of the company Inter-Ligere

Christophe Deschamps, consultant-trainer in intelligence and EI

David Silvestre, global market intelligence at Thales

Olivier Cocaud, manager of KM conception solutions & mater data at L’Oréal

Christophe Audouin, monitoring and economic intelligence delegate at SUEZ France

Louise Guerre, President of Serda Archimag Group 

Thomas Binant, CEO and co-founder of Geotrend

The interest of a training course in this format consists in approaching the subjects in a simple and comprehensible way by all, even neophytes, and this, in order to make the analysis tools usable by the greatest number. Its great strength remains its accessibility: The training will be available online and therefore at any time. This offers great freedom in terms of organization to follow the training. 

Through this MooC, we want to demonstrate the opportunity brought by AI and datavisualization to evolve the business intelligence professions and give more impact to the deliverables of the watchers.

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