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Hydrogen, a new strategic challenge to be mastered

Hydrogen… a fast-growing subject, a major preoccupation of many companies. Every year several million euros are spent on R&D, partnerships multiply, start-ups emerge en masse and new rules come into force. In this rapidly evolving market the boundaries quickly become blurred, so how do you get the visibility you need to invest and/or gain a key advantage?

Maps to understand a complex environment

Geotrend’s experts have produced around twenty maps on hydrogen-related topics. Through an intuitive business interface, you can access dynamic and sophisticated representations that highlight the most relevant information. Visualize the ecosystem of dominant and new players, identify their strategies (investments, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, etc.) and understand the corresponding trends and technologies.

Reports to leverage the mapping work

All the maps come with summary reports presenting the main points of each theme: market trends and structures, countries involved, key facts, etc. This enables you to quickly obtain all the information you need for an intelligible and forward-looking view of the hydrogen market and the state of play of competing strategies.

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