Geotrend analyses the Great National Debate

The Great National Debate as seen by Geotrend’s AI

Within the framework of the Great National Debate, quantities of textual data have been

produced. The manual analysis of this data is a task impossible to perform by humans. It is therefore necessary to turn to AI, capable of helping to carry out this mission while letting the human deduce the ins and outs.

In this context and given its expertise, Geotrend has studied the subject and the subject and offers an infographic synthesis.

The study carried out by the Toulouse-based start-up presents some results obtained following analysis of the minutes of the local meetings that were held. The choice to work on this type of contributions is based on the fact that they are raw text contents, not categorized, synthesizing a reflection of several people.

“We used our AI specialized in Business Intelligence to read these documents these documents and identify the relationships between these complex topics to allow the reader to the reader to easily navigate through the results,” says Thomas Binant.

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