Geotrend participates in the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit alongside Safran on December 2 and 3 in Paris

Light on our 3 years of collaboration !

Publié le 29 novembre 2021 par Salomé Gaudibert

Temps de lecture  : environ 4 minutes

Since 2018, Safran, the international high-tech leader operating in the fields of aeronautics (propulsion, equipment and interiors), space and defense, has placed its trust in the company Geotrend and its Market Intelligence solution.

An efficient and long-lasting collaboration :

For 3 years, the large international group and the startup have been forging close and fruitful relationships. Several of the Group’s companies are already using Geotrend’s Business and Strategic Intelligence solution.

"We are very proud to count Safran among our first customers. More than ever, large corporations need to be at the forefront of innovation and to respond to new challenges such as the decarbonization of their sector. With our deep expertise in aerospace and our innovative Market Intelligence solution, we support them in their strategic thinking and provide them with a platform to understand different markets and their interconnections very quickly."

A powerful partnership : 

Through Geotrend’s Market and Competitive Intelligence solution, Safran analysts divide by 8 the time spent on data collection in order to devote it to analysis. 

Among the most appreciated assets of the Geotrend solution : 

  • the sharing of research between teams, which leads to an extremely rapid increase in the skills of users in all types of markets
  • the discovery of new avenues to explore 
  • the mapping view that materializes the relationships between the key players. 

A view that Safran’s teams appreciate and put to good use during their presence at the Hello Tomorrow event.

"The Geotrend solution allows us to conduct in-depth research much more efficiently, especially in the areas of interest to our research teams. We have been working with this innovative company for 3 years and it is quite natural that we have proposed them to come to our Hello Tomorrow space, a part of which is dedicated to the presentation of innovative and promising startups with which we work."

Great outlook for Safran and Geotrend : 

The solution, which enhances its multi-source approach with, in addition to the open web, the processing of Twitter data, patents and scientific publications, is positioned as close as possible to the needs of its emblematic client. 

One of the challenges faced by large companies is to cross-reference technological and economic information sources. This is a real challenge for the group, which wants to gain a better understanding of the market and an in-depth analysis of competitors’ strategies in order to support their strategic decision-making.

Geotrend continues to support Safran in these large-scale projects.

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