Crédit Agricole’s Economic studies partner with Geotrend to develop a 360° market view thanks to AI

An helping tool that fits well into the activity of the large group

Gilles Bonabeau, head of the Information & Intelligence department at Crédit Agricole SA, is always on the lookout for tools or suppliers that could be useful to the Economic Research Department. This constant watch has brought to his attention the startup Geotrend, which develops a Market Intelligence platform built with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. Since its creation in 2018, the startup has equipped 50 clients, including 12 CAC 40 companies, who rely on its technology to accelerate their strategic decision-making.

The economists and sector analysts of Economic Research decipher the news of a sector for the operational businesses of the entire Crédit Agricole Group.

Their objective:
to provide their clients with as much information as possible to enable them to make informed decisions. In order to write a study, a lot of information and figures have to be collected before being interpreted. For known and mature sectors, such as medical laboratories, there is enough structured information that presents the market and allows this in-depth work. This is not the case for emerging sectors such as technology. This is where Geotrend comes in. In April 2020, Geotrend’s sales manager contacted Gilles Bonabeau. The startup, accelerated at the Village by CA Toulouse and then in July 2020 at the Village by CA Paris, offers the Crédit Agricole teams the opportunity to save time on data collection and devote it to analysis, which reinforces the interest of the large group.

During the first lockdown, Thomas Binant, co-founder of Geotrend, presents the tool (by videoconference) to Gilles Bonabeau’s team. This quickly led to the construction of a pilot, followed by a month of testing of the tool.

The result: in a few minutes, Geotrend’s strategic intelligence solution renders existing information on a new or little-used subject in the form of a map. By highlighting weak signals and relationships between key players, Geotrend positions itself as a true analysis and visualization tool as well as a decision-making facilitator. Among the most appreciated assets of the solution is the collaborative aspect between teams, which leads to an extremely rapid increase in the skills of users on all types of markets, and the discovery of new avenues to explore. For example, among the topics covered by the team thanks to Geotrend, we find neobanks, Fintech, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, Chinese FDI in Europe, and microbiota.

The results of this first pilot are presented to the steering committee and Economic Studies subscribes to Geotrend from January 2021. The Economic Studies Department provides live feedback to the Geotrend team, which listens to their needs in order to develop and enrich its tool. This collaboration allows the tool to evolve for the needs of the group’s clients, but also to better develop the startup’s solution.

“We are very proud to count the Crédit Agricole Group among our clients. This collaboration represents a real enrichment. Already for our client, because more than ever, large groups need to stay ahead of the competition. So we are helping Crédit Agricole in their digital transformation by providing a platform that allows them to understand different markets and interconnections very quickly. And also for the solution, which now fits within the service sector of which, the feedback from the group allows us to feed our technology so that it best meets their needs.”

Thomas Binant
CEO & co founder

A collaboration looking to the future:

This collaboration heralds great prospects for Crédit Agricole and the Toulouse-based startup.

To date, the exchanges have contributed to the development of new functionalities to analyze correlations between several sectors. This adventure offers strategic perspectives to both parties, who are now working to achieve new objectives in different markets.

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