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Thomas & Grégoire, founders of Geotrend, are two engineers passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. Ex-Airbus Defence and Space Division engineers, they developed for 10 years innovative solutions for clients’ and internal teams’ needs. They detected a reccuring problem linked to time wasted looking up reliable and up-to-date information in the Airbus Marketing Department.

Thanks to values like continuous innovation, client satisfaction and the human factor, Geotrend has gained the trust of 25% of the CAC40 to reinforce their economic intelligence activities.

As for the rest… let’s write it together, shall we ?

The Idea

Thomas and Grégoire had the idea to create a tool that scans the web for certain keywords that were entered in a simple search bar. Before they knew it, a Beta version was born. The solution was then tested and approved – the Airbus Marketing teams devided by 8 their search time, and gained more reliable and up-to-date intel.

Convinced that A.I. is the key to their platform’s success, they recruited their first A.I. expert. The young startup then took its leave from the Airbus group by integrating a regional incubator – Nubbo . Today, Geotrend is buffing up its sales and technical teams.

Birth of the concept of Geotrend
March 2017
Project selected by the Airbus BizLab incubator
13th. April 2018
Geotrend becomes independent. This gave birth to Geotrend SAS
3rd. May 2018
Geotrend hits the market with its solution
Entering the Nubbo incubator

The Team

At Geotrend, the entire team is dedicated to providing users with a unique experience regarding strategic watch for economic intelligence. Its developers use creativity, and ingeniosity to make their A.I.’s algorithm even more performant and simpler to use.

Its business developers are oriented towards client satisfaction – from the first contact up until client support, where they care for users during their first steps on the platform.

Thomas Binant

CO-FoundER & CEO

Grégoire Sigel

CO-FoundER & CTO

Amine Abdaoui

Data scientist & NLP Specialist

Gwénaëlle Tessier

Assistante de direction

Jérôme André

Full Stack Developer

Olivier Soliveres

Commmunication MANAGER

Stephen Machet


Daisy Gibson

Customer Success Manager

Romain Stourm

Business Developer


Village By CA,

31 Allées Jules Guesdes,




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