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Geotrend allows you to detect weak signals in your market: whether in terms of new entrants, new partnership or supplier relationship between two players, sub-markets linked to yours… Do not miss opportunities anymore and follow in real time the evolution of your market.

Your market at 360°

Our algorithm allows you, from simple keywords, to scan the web and detect all the topics that cross your request. In a changing environment where markets are more and more related, Geotrend provides you with a 360 degree and cross-market vision, at the opposite of traditional tools. This way, you no longer miss out on strategic information.



Geotrend has gained in speed over time: indeed, thanks to the cloud, we can process a huge amount of data, which allows us to offer an increasingly fast solution.


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Improvements made

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More relationships

Develop your collective intelligence​

Geotrend is also a collaborative solution. You will be able to share your research, comment on it and work on it together. With this feature, you will be able to capitalize on the knowledge and capabilities of your team towards a common goal: to analyze strategic information for your business.

You want to try Geotrend?

Share your research​

Geotrend gives you the opportunity to share your research with everyone. This facilitates teamwork and the capitalization of knowledge.

Keywords and Boolean​

Your results depend on the keywords used and your use of Booleans.

Edit your ecosystem

Have a customizable view of your ecosystem: delete actors, relationships, articles and personalize your search.


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