Geotrend award winner throughout the Disrupt’Night

Geotrend, lauréat du prix du public

We were talking about the participation of Geotrend to the Disrupt’Night, the last 26th of march in Paris, in our last article.

34 innovations were presented and 12 have been rewarded by an expert jury in which the blockchain, the data security and the artificial intelligence were at the center of debates and discussions. This jury evaluates each application throughout the oral defenses of the nominees chosen by the organising committee and awards the winners. It evaluate nominees with a grid of assessments created by the organising committee. The jury is independant and has a great integry regarding its choices. Its decision remain confidential until the day of the event, even for the winners.

Thanks to your participation, Geotrend won the “public price” in the data category. Thanks to all !

Here are the winner for this year